Scientologists Removed The New ‘South Park’ Advert Because It Ripped Into Tom Cruise


Hissy fit.

‘South Park’ always know how to get under people’s skin, particularly when it comes to religion. We’ve all seen/know about the ‘Book of Mormon’ right?

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Scientologists in particular have got it in the past, mostly due to the fact that their religion is completely made-up and dumb and everyone involved in it acts like a total jackass. That’s probably why Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to take clips from their ‘Trapped in the Closet’ episode, which rips into Tom Cruise, and place them on billboards outside the Scientology HQ. Very risky, but equally funny.

If you remember the episode, it was about Tom Cruise refusing to come out of the closet. Meanwhile, it told the history of the Scientology religion, while flashing the words “Scientologists actually believe this” on the screen throughout.

The Scientology truck that parked outside of the religion’s HQ featured a scene from this infamous episode and predictably, the cult members were not happy about it. Soon after the mobile adverts were booted out, but it’s safe to say that they left their mark.

The White House, Hooters and Facebook’s HQ were also targeted by the show, in order to promote the new series. Speaking of which, did you know that it’s already out now? You can watch the first couple of episodes online – I’ve seen them and I can confirm that they are funny AF.

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