Scientists Have Finally Figured Out The Mystery Of The Female Orgasm

woman orgasm

It’s a lot less sexy than you think.

The female orgasm – this phenomenon has remained a mystery for men and women alike for centuries. Although many men like to think that their technique is so spot on that they can make any girl reach it, unfortunately the female body does not work in that way.

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For many women it is not even reached during sex, which in itself is confusing. However, scientists reckon they may have found the evolutionary explanation as to why women are far more difficult to please.

Mihaela Pavličev, co-author of the study from Cincinnati children’s hospital, said that the female orgasm might just be a spin-off from our evolutionary past, when the hormonal surges that go with an orgasm were needed for reproduction.

woman orgasm

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In mammals such as cats and rabbits, the hormonal surge is essential in order to signal for eggs to be released from the female’s ovaries. However, in other mammals such as humans, females ovulate spontaneously.

So why do we still have the orgasm? Well as said, it was just sort of leftover from a time when we women were required to orgasm in order to ovulate. Sort of like a happy mistake. Mihaela added:

There is a lot of discussion about whether it could have any functions like in bonding behaviour and things like that – so we cannot exclude that it actually has co-opted some other function after it lost its function in reproduction.

So there you have it – the reason women orgasm is (or at least is suggested) that it had some sort of function millions of years ago and now is simply a redundant pleasure tool or some kind of bonding technique. Kind of makes it all seem really unsexy when you break down the complexities of human desire into evolutionary ovulation functions, don’t you think? Doesn’t make it any less fun though.

It also explains why so many women have to fake orgasms.


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