New Evidence Suggests Steven Avery Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Free Man

Steven Avery

Crunch time.

The ‘Making A Murderer’ revolution seems to be gathering pace this month, as Brendan Dassey’s conviction was quashed and Kathleen Zellner finally made some tangible progress on Steven Avery’s case.

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Zellner had been promising for a couple of months that something big would be coming at the end of August, and whilst this wasn’t exactly the revelations that we all wanted, it does at least look to move the case along a bit. Zellner filed a motion to retest evidence that was complicit in Avery’s trial that did not exist when he was placed on trial in 2006.

Zellner has described this as “the most comprehensive testing motion ever filed in the state of Wisconsin” and is confident she should receive an affirmative answer from the courts shortly. She then estimates that they might take three to six months to complete, so it’s still going to be a while until Avery is released or we learn anything more about the truth of what happened to Theresa Halbach.

In the meantime though, Zellner has also posted this tweet:

I mean, I’m not really sure what that means – as is the case with most of the things Zellner posts on her Twitter account, it’s very vague – but it certainly gets everyone interested about what’s going on behind the scenes. The implication here seems to be that people who would be affected by the results of these tests have come forward to try and circumvent any evidence that might be uncovered, and that’s pretty exciting in itself.

The only problem is that we’re probably not going to hear any actual facts about it for a while now. When we do finally get the truth though, it’s going to be pretty damn juicy, I can tell you that.

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