Schoolboy’s Spelling Mistake Leads To The Police Visiting His Home

Most unfortunate typo ever.

Typos can be mildly annoying to look at, but they don’t usually tend to be problematic in the grand scheme of things (we should know eh?).

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For one 10-year-old Muslim boy over in Lancashire though, a spelling mistake he made during an English lesson resulted in the police conducting a surprise visit and search of his family home.

The unnamed kid had written that he lived in a “terrorist house”, when he had meant to write “terraced house”. Easy mistake to make… if you’re 5. I mean it’s been a long time since I was 10 years old but wouldn’t you be aware that you’d written “terrorist” and not “terraced” at that age?


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Anyway, teachers reported his mistake to the police (as they’re legally obliged to do in situations like this) and the boy’s family received a visit from the police the next day, who went as far as to take their laptop away for examination.

The boy’s family isn’t happy:

You can imagine it happening to a 30-year-old man, but not to a young child. If the teacher had any concerns it should have been about his spelling.

They shouldn’t be putting a child through this. He’s now scared of writing, using his imagination.

Might seem a bit harsh on the kid, but better safe than sorry I always say. It’s better to shatter a little kid’s imagination and stifle his creative genius for life than potentially put hundreds of innocent lives in danger. How imaginative can this kid possibly be anyway? He doesn’t even know the difference between a terrorist and a terraced house.

Besides, it wouldn’t have been the first time a spelling mistake led to unravelling a criminal mystery.


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