Schoolboy Gets Pure Abuse From West Ham Fans

West Ham Fans

Don’t worry, we’re not promoting any type of bullying, just some good old BANTER between #LADS.

Football fans can be the happiest bunch of buddies at times, like for example when their team of choice wins the game of football that they have been in attendance.  But they can also be the biggest cunts at times, like when their team of choice loses the game of football that they have been in attendance. Good or bad, there’s one thing that football fans are good at though and that’s singing, chanting, and giving some good old banter.

This bunch of West Ham fans are aboard a train (presumably on the way to a game) and are participating in the usual pre-match beer drinking antics, getting themselves revved up for the 90 mins of pure fun that they know they have ahead of them. The usual football/lad banter starts on the train, and when one schoolboy boards the chanting is directed at him.

Now usually this wouldn’t be cool, because you can imagine a group of 10+ boozing football fans can be a bit intimidating when you’re on your own, and wearing your school uniform.

As soon as the West Ham fans spot the kid they start firing chants in his direction, all in front of a busy carriage full of passengers, and of course, someone’s phone camera. After the initial directional chant towards the kid of ‘give us a wave wanker’, you may think that this is indeed a spot of bullying on the West Ham fans part, but as the video goes on it’s soon obvious that this is indeed what you would describe as ‘playful banter’ with the intention of being funny rather than intimidating. The ‘lads’ soon start spouting out some fantastic lines such as:

‘back to school on Monday – la la la la’ followed by ‘not really it’s half term’

‘we earn more that you’

‘he’s got no mates’

‘he’s gonna cry in a minute’

‘he’s texting his boyfriend’

‘your Mum is a MILF’

etc etc.

Check it:

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