School Teacher Stripped Naked And Beaten By Parents After Affair With Student (VIDEO)

Mr Li Stripped Naked

Mob justice.

If I found a school teacher having sex with my daughter, I’m not sure how I would react but chances are it would probably be similar to how these guys acted when they discovered what their daughter’s teacher had been getting up to with her – by stripping them naked and beating the shit out of them in there street.

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Mr Li was apparently caught red handed by the parents, who wasted no time in giving them a piece of their mind. They stripped him naked and encouraged a group of up to a dozen people to beat on him in the city of Xingtai in Wei County, China and they were only too happy to oblige. In the short clip below, Li is left cowering naked in the corner after having the crap kicked out of him:

Poor guy, although I suppose it should really be obvious that he shouldn’t be doing stuff like having sex with one of his students. Apparently officers interrupted the beating and actually saved Mr Li’s life, as it didn’t look like the gang was going to stop with their mob justice any time soon. Brutal.

To make matters even worse for Li, he’s now being detained and investigated by both the authorities and his school for his affair with the student, who is actually legal at 17 years old but still, he probably shouldn’t really be abusing a position of trust like that. It’s also transpired that Li was set up by some other students who he had expelled and learned of the affair, so it was kind of like a revenge beating. Devious.

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