School Teacher Sacked After Ex-Husband Exposes Her Secret Job As OnlyFans Model

What a d*ckhead.

So basically 32-year-old Amy Kupps was a married woman working as a history teacher in North Carolina, while also moonlighting as an OnlyFans model and raking in an extra $75k a year in the process.

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Seems like a pretty sweet situation for any couple, right? Amy & her (ex) husband Theodore both worked regular jobs, and in the evenings he would take risque photos of her, and they’d stick them online and supplement their incomes nicely. An extra $75k! Just a wonderful bonus to have in any marriage.

Well eventually, Amy & Theodore got divorced after Theo cheated on her. As a single woman, Amy continued teaching history to 14-year-olds while doing her OnlyFans gig on the side, until one day, she was summoned by the school principal to attend a Zoom meeting with him and members of the school board.

As Amy explained to the NY Post:

It was awkward. I was trembling with fear and embarrassment.

The panel confronted her with evidence of her secret side gig on OnlyFans, which flew in the face of the school’s moral code. Amy immediately admitted the offense and was suspended from her job, only to then decide that she would resign altogether.

They made me feel so small and disgusting.

It turns out not only did this Theodore dickhead CHEAT on Amy with a younger woman he met at a club, leading to their divorce, he then decides to expose Amy’s secret side gig to her employer, humiliating her and leaving her with no choice but to quit her job.

Get a load of this message he sent her too – the guy is just a grade A c*nt.

Theodore fully admits grassing up his wife, saying “she deserved it”. However he also concedes that a “part” of him “regrets the betrayal” due to the “embarrassment” he caused.

Apparently, Theo was upset with Amy for not giving him half of her OnlyFans earnings, insisting that her involvement with the site was his idea after he noticed the rising popularity of her Instagram posts.

I just can’t wrap my brain around someone being so lucky as to have a hot wife who makes a killing on the side with OnlyFans, only to then cheat on her, divorce her, and try to ruin her life because she didn’t give him half her earnings. Come on Theo, what the hell are you playing at?

Well anyway, the good news is that while Amy may no longer be teaching, her OnlyFans is thriving and probably even more so since this story broke out. I hope she starts to make millions and Theo can just sit there at home with his new wife and seethe over it. After all, in 2021, it’s an OnlyFans world and we’re just living in it.

For the woman who became one of OnlyFans’ top earners after her boyfriend mockingly told her to join the site, click HERE. Alright for some.


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