Scenic Wee – Tips on Ultra Relaxation

Public Urination

Picture this: you’re having a picnic, perhaps with a loved one, somewhere idyllic. You’ve had a beer, you’ve had some cheese, you’ve had a prawn volovant or three, your pulling gently on a cigar. The sun is in your hair and the wind is in your crotch. You feel like a dandy. Nothing could make you more perfectly relaxed than you are right now….. or so you thought.

Men, remember, what is actually more relaxing than weed and a beer? The one thing? No? It’s having a slash, obviously. We forget this because our bodily functions are so familiar to us. But when are we more at peace than when a golden stream of mirth flows forth from our chap? That shivering, toe curler of a process. Guilt free pleasure. Now how often do you get that these days? Let me say it again – GUILT FREE PLEASURE.  No money changes hands, no Feds are on your case.

So why not combine the two events? A beautiful view and a beautiful wazz all in one. Welcome to the Scenic Wee…

Now go forth and spray……


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