This Clip Has Been Voted ‘The Scariest Movie Scene Of All Time’


Do you agree?

Everybody loves scary movies – unless you’re a pussy – and there’s endless debate amongst horror fans over what is the scariest movie and scene of all time.

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Well now it seems like we might have a winner – or at least a contender – with this scene featured below from ‘The Exorcist 3’. A recent debate on Reddit picked this scene from the 1990 movie written and directed by William Peter Blatty that had little to do with the original and wasn’t particularly well received upon its release either.

However, it’s become something of a cult classic for horror fans over the years and this scene is one of the reasons why. Probably best for you to just watch it straight up for an even bigger jump – trust me it is actually pretty good:

Geez, told you didn’t I? In fairness, I definitely think that it is kind of scary even if the payoff is ultimately a bit stupid. I mean it definitely made me jump and I was just sitting here watching it in the middle of the day – the buildup and tension is perfect for the jump, I’ll give them that. Loved the weird headless statue at the end too, despite it having nothing to do with the scene.

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