‘Saturday Night’ Singer Is Even Better Looking Now Than She Was In The 90s


How did she manage that?

Do you guys remember Whigfield? Even if you’re too young to remember seeing her face pop up on TV, you’ll know the song, ‘Saturday Night’.

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Obviously time has passed since her song made the charts in 1993 – the Danish singer, whose real name is Sannie Charlotte Carlson, is now 46 (I know, I feel old too). But it looks like time has been very kind to her – or at least lip and face fillers have – as she looks better now than she did back then. Check it out:




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Doesn’t even look like the same person. Then again, neither does Kylie Jenner. Just goes to show what a few injections filled with chemicals can do for your face.

Apparently Whigfield is actually still going (they always are) and she still performs her hit song whenever she plays. She must be so freakin’ bored of that track by now. So are we. Still, worth a little listen every now and then, right? For nostalgia’s sake:


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