Samsung Rip On Apple Users In New Advert


In Samsung’s new advert, Apple customers who are hyped for the new iPhone 5 get totally ripped. Yup, that’s me and you buddy.


Samsung have once again released an advert that blatantly rips on Apple and its users. Yup, that’s me and you buddy.

Samsung did the same thing just before the iPhone 4S was released, and released an advert in the same format as the one below, ripping on people queuing up to buy Apple’s latest product. This time they’re ripping on the iPhone 5 which is due to be released tomorrow.

In Samsung’s new advert, a bunch of people are seen queuing up outside a shop that is no doubt meant to be an Apple store. There’s a big ‘It’s Coming’ poster of a phone in the window and the queue outside the shop is a resemblance of what happens whenever Apple have a new product launch. We know for sure that the advert is a direct diss at Apple when several of the new iPhone 5’s features are mentioned.

The people in the queue start getting really hyped about the new features that whatever product they’re waiting for (the iPhone 5) is going to have, such as the headphone port on the bottom of the phone rather than the top, the digital power connector (whatever that means), and a super cool new adapter that everyone’s going to have to buy when they want to use their new iPhone 5 with their old iPhone 3/4 docks. Yeah nice one suckaz.

Now this all sounds about right. What are Apple playing at really? Yeah I’m as super stoked as the next guy about the iPhone 5, but should I be? I mean, what’s really going to be that much better than the iPhone 4 on the iPhone 5? Yeah it’s got a slightly bigger screen and I can fit one more row of icons on my home screen – whoopty-fvcking-do.

This advert kinda sums it all up really; What are Apple releasing with the iPhone 5 that Samsung haven’t already had on their phones for the last few releases? 4G and bigger screens are standard on Samsung’s models.

Still, I’ll be picking up my iPhone 5 tomorrow because I’m an Apple biatch. Oh the shame.

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