Safari Browser Is Crashing On Apple Macs And iPhones Worldwide Today – Here’s How To Get Around It

Safari Browser

It’s not just you, don’t worry.

Sick Chirpse Towers has been in disarray for a the past couple of hours as nobody could load up Safari on their iPhones or Macs and so we couldn’t get any work done. Except for me because I was using Chrome.

Anyway, it turns out that it wasn’t something to do with our network connection or similar, but actually a worldwide problem that we can squarely lay the blame on Apple for. It turns out that their Suggested Search feature is down for everyone using iOS and OS X, which is causing the browsers to crash or just not get you to where you need to go basically.

The search suggestion section is basically the part where you type in the first few words of what you’re searching for into the toolbar and it comes up with what it think you’re looking for. It’s a great feature and it would really piss me off it was down – fortunately I’m using Chrome though so whilst everyone else is getting an extended lunch break I’m stuck here writing this.

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Anyway, if you’re using Safari and you haven’t been affected by the problem then you might be in luck – you might have your search suggestions cached locally or you’re still able to reach their servers thanks to a DNS cache. If you are affected though, there’s a couple of ways to get around it.

  1. Use a different browser like me.
  2. Simply turn off the search suggestions option
  3. Use the private mode option in the browser as a temporary workaround.

Normally these things only last a few hours tops so hopefully it’s sorted out before you even read these, but if not maybe switch over to another browser. The fact that this is such big news shows us how dependent we all are on Apple and it’s kind of a scary thought. At least we know we probably all have better wardrobes than Mark Zuckerberg though (I know he doesn’t run Apple but you know, he’s a big tech geek like I imagine most of the people over there are).


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