This Sadistic Passenger Watched The Worst Thing Ever Before His Plane Took Off (VIDEO)

Passenger watching 9:11 footage

Just why?

An unidentified man was filmed by a fellow passenger watching a clip of the brutal 9/11 terrorist attacks just moments before his own plane was about to take off. It sort of reminds me of the time I watched ‘Final Destination’ before going on holiday the next day, although this guy has taken that to a whole new level. He must absolutely love to feel on edge.

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You can see the passenger seriously concentrating on the clip showing smoke flowing out of the World Trade Centre, before the dude filming turns the camera on himself to show his sense of disbelief. I agree – who the fuck would do that? Maybe he was trying to troll people or something, but if you’re going to do that you should definitely choose a less sensitive subject.

I bet the guy who filmed that felt on edge for that entire flight – I know I would. I’d be reaching for the mini wines as soon as we were up in the air.

I’m surprised no one said or did anything. Most of the time it’s a problem with people OVERreacting to potential terrorist attacks – like this guy who was accused of plotting, even though he was simply doing some algebra.


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