Sadistic Couple Poured Gasoline Over Five Year Old Son And Set Him On Fire Whilst Cruising Internet For Sex Partners

Oliver And Jessica Schnider

Pure evil.

We’ve written about a lot of messed up things over the years here at Sick Chirpse, but I would say that this story definitely comes in the top echelon of bizarre and screwed up.

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The story revolves around Oliver and Jessica Schneider from Regensburg, Germany, who are both 37 and sound like depraved and sadistic sex fiends. They’re currently on trial for setting their five year old son on fire and ignoring his screams of agony, instead preferring to use their time to surf the internet to find sex partners. Horrific.

The pair were arrested after a shop attendant noticed his injuries and reported them to the police. They’re now on trial for attempted murder, with Oliver facing life imprisonment and Jessica a secure psychiatric ward. In a bizarre sidenote to all this, she insisted on making a statement to the police about the benefits of yoga exercise during her arrest. Don’t even know when to begin with that.

The couple’s five children are now in care but it seems like the boy will never be able to use one of his arms properly ever again such is the extent of the burn damage to it. Really sad. Even their 11 year old daughter hates them, saying that ‘sex is the only thing that interested them’. Truly evil characters.

Gasoline Can

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The trial is currently ongoing but it seems a given that they’ll be convicted. Prosecutor Ulrike Klein opened with the following claim:

It was the mother who poured gasoline over the child and set it alight.

They did not provide the child with sufficient medication, food or liquid, but they devoted themselves to sexual activities, searched the Internet for sexual partners and made photos of themselves in the garden.

Pure trash human beings. Hope they get what’s coming to them.

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