Only a couple of month’s after Jone Samuelsen’s spectacular long range header, Ryujiro Ueda has managed to eclipse it.

Ryujiro Ueda: This happened over a week ago but I was busy hanging out on holiday in America so if you’ve already seen it I apologise, but I figured considering Sick Chirpse featured the previous longest headed goal ever from Jone Samuelsen a couple of months ago that we NEEDED to follow it up with Ryujiro Ueda’s recent effort for Fagiamo Okayama against Yokohama FC in the J-League.

I’m not sure which goal is better out of Ryujiro Ueda’s and Jone Sameulsen’s. I mean, obviously Ryujiro Ueda’s is longer – 58.6m compared with Sameulsen’s  57.3m – but it looks a little less impressive because the keeper completely flops it and lets it bounce past him, so it looks more like a keeping error rather than a great piece of skill from Ryujiro Ueda.

Having said that though, there was NO keeper for Samuelsen’s effort and the ball just kind of trickled into the net, rather than being headed so powerfully by Ryujiro Ueda that the bounce deceived the Yokohama FC keeper and went over his head and into the net. The fact that Ryujiro Ueda’s header came from a goalkeeping gaffe just seems to cheapen it slightly for me; having said that Ryujiro Ueda’s header is definitely a lot more powerful and probably from a harder angle than Jone Samuelsen’s – and also critically FURTHER AWAY – so I’m probably going to go with Ryujiro Ueda’s as my favourite of the two.

You can check out the video of Ryujiro Ueda’s sensational header below. The reaction of the Japanese coach and the Yokohama FC’s goalkeeper to the Ryujiro Ueda’s goal are particularly awesome. Ryujiro Ueda’s goal came in the top flight of Japanese soccer, which clearly ISN’T a good advertisement for the standard of the J-League. Not sure where Yokohama FC are in the league but I would hope they aren’t doing too well if they concede goals like that every week.

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Ryujiro Ueda has now been entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the man who has scored the longest headed goal in history. This is cool. However, you’ve got to feel sorry for Jone Samuelsen – it was only a couple of months ago that everyone thought his headed goal was amazing and that nobody would ever beat it, then Ryujiro Ueda pops up and beats it almost straight away, with arguably a way better goal as well. Must suck to be Jone Samuelsen right now.


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