Ryan Gosling Hides Easter Eggs All Over Manhattan

I guess actors get bored over the Easter weekend.

I know I said I had to post something about Easter earlier so posted that Easter Alien parody that was fairly average, but I probably should have just waited because this is way stupider. I don’t know how many people that read Sick Chirpse are from New York City (except maybe my buddy Matt The Dick) but everybody loves Ryan Gosling and this story is just so dumb I had to write something about it. A twitter account which alleges to be the real Ryan Gosling – but isn’t verified yet (so it obviously MUST be him) – is stating that it has hidden 200 Ryan Gosling themed Easter eggs around New York City.

And that’s pretty much it. Following the twitter account doesn’t give you any clues as to where they might be, even though the guy from Ryan Gosling’s PR team who is running it is constantly telling people to tweet him for clues – the best you’re gonna get is stuff like  ‘all downtown near where I live’ or ‘No tree is safe.’ In fact I don’t even think there ARE any clues as to where they might be. I think you might just happen upon them or whatever. Unless maybe he direct messages clues to you but that seems kind of time consuming.

Still, it sounds kind of fun, and when you find them you get a charming message and holiday greeting from Ryan Gosling himself, such as the cute/sexy one in the featured image up there. I guess hunting for Ryan Gosling Easter Eggs in New York City probably beats sitting around your parents’ house and getting fat because you’re eating too many Easter eggs so yeah, somebody get me a ticket to New York City pronto!

Oh yeah and if YOU want to join in the hunt check it out over @goslingeaster. 


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