Ryan Dunn’s final movie came out sometime before his death this year, but I’ve never even heard of it. Have you?

I think the whole world was saddened to find out about the tragic demise of Ryan Dunn back in June early this year – I know we were at Sick Chirpse – but how many of you have heard of Ryan Dunn’s final movie, Living Will? I had never heard of it and Im normally pretty clued up about these things. Apparently (according to a YouTube comment on the video of the trailer) it’s only coming out on DVD this week so even though the trailer was uploaded last summer, maybe it didn’t come out until early this year or something? I don’t know and I can’t be bothered to find out so if anyone wants to, leave me a commet.

Anyway, Living Will itself looks like kind of a good movie and I will probably check it out at some point, if not for the movie itself but just because it’s the last project that Ryan Dunn will ever be involved in, and well, you know, everyone loves Ryan Dunn right? Living Will itself is about two best friends who live together – one is fat and obnoxious and called Belcher (Ryan Dunn obviously) and the other is a more normal kind of party guy called Will.

Anyway, from the trailer it looks like Belcher kicks the bucket, only to come back as a ghost that only Will can see. Belcher wants to keep on partying and pulling pranks and all that fun stuff guys do when they live together but the only trouble is (besides the fact that Belcher is a ghost I guess) that Will has shacked up with Belcher’s cousin!! Oh no! And then I guess hilarity ensues in a number of different situations, as happens with all the best gross out comedies.

OK maybe it doesn’t sound amazing but the trailer looks kind of funny and most of the reviews surprisingly say that Ryan Dunn is an amazing actor, so maybe it’s worth streaming on a hungover Sunday or a midweek comedown or something. Check out the trailer below and make your own mind up, let me know what you think:

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