Free Weezy? Free Ryan Babel!

Following his actions after the Manchester – Liverpool FA cup tie  criticising referee Howard Webb and a subsequent FA charge earlier this month, Ryan Babel revealed to his followers that he was being sent to TwitterJail and has not tweeted since. He also left this image as his display picture:

Seems as though if Ryan’s football career doesn’t work out (which is semi-realistic giving his time at Liverpool) he might have a career in graphic design. Or as a comedian.

However, fans of his insane comments on the social networking site will be pleased to hear that he tweeted today stating that ‘* Release Date 31st January * ‘ which would seem to imply that he is up for parole. Here’s a picture of him at the recent hearing:

Whether this has anything to do with Babel’s transfer to Hoffenheim, which was confirmed yesterday, is unknown. It would seem to be unrelated though as if the ban had been imposed by Liverpool you would think he would be able to tweet straight away. I wish he was able to tweet straight away! Of his transfer, Ryan has been quoted as saying “I am looking forward to my new mission in Hoffenheim,” making him sound like the Terminator or something.

Since going to TwitterJail, Babel has tweeted just once (which kind of defeats the point of being in TwitterJail, unless TwitterJail isn’t what I think it is) to share a link of a new rap music video for his buddy Perry Mystique (who?) that he’s edited. It’s unclear whether Ryan himself edited the beats or the video.


It has led to several hilarious fan comments on the YouTube page though, such as: ‘Would have been better spending your time in training pal! Liverpool lost 6 mil on you because of shite like this! Everyone wanted you to succeed. People paid good money to watch you play, and you never put your heart into it. If you want to be a hip hop producer be a hip hop producer. If you want to be a footballer, then pull your socks up and give it a go! Hopefully you’ll learn this in Germany..’ which pretty much hits the nail on the head in this situation.

Despite this though I will miss the site of Ryan Babel sitting on the bench at Anfield and tweeting nonsense. At least I’ll still be able to follow him though, that’s if his release from TwitterJail goes to plan.


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