Yup, Russians Are Still Crazy


Every time we post about Russian’s it’s always a video showing how bat shit crazy they are, this one isn’t any different.

Russian Flag

Every time we post about Russian people, it’s always a video showing how bat shit crazy they are. First there was the home-made bungee jump off some flats in Russia that we wrote about a while back, and since then there seems to have been a reoccurring theme where we post more video evidence that Russians really are out of their fvcking minds. It was only last week that we posted a video of some drunk Russian dude accidentally smashing the fvck out of his mate’s kitchen while heavily under the influence of some cheap ass Russian vodka, no doubt.

This video’s a little bit tamer than the others, and rather than proving that Russians are completely out of their minds, it shows more of how the Russian male is indeed the definition of an alpha male. The Russian dude in this video was obviously struggling to pull out a fish that he had caught in freezing cold ice water, so what does he do, he plunges his hand in of course and drags the massive motherfucker out with his bare hands, as you do in Russia. Check it;

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