Russian Women Strip Beside A Motorway And Beg For Money To Find A Husband (VIDEO)

russian nudes

Watch out for oncoming headlights.

There’s got to be better ways to find a fella than this.

This bizarre CCTV footage shows a group of Russian women stripping down to their undies and asking passing motorists for Roubles – the equivalent of £1 – so they can go on a shopping spree.

Apparently, the half naked begging was an exercise as part of a ‘finding a husband’ workshop and was supposed to give the ladies the confidence to go out and find the man of their dreams. Weird.

Their intentions weren’t obvious to everyone – one motorist even thought they were searching for Pokemon.

Anyhow, here’s the footage:

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For anyone flagging on a long-distance journey, this probably would have been a real treat. A little like it was for these motorists passing an accident blackspot.


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