Watch This Brilliant Russian Criminal Steal An $182,000 Painting In Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

Ocean’s 11, eat your heart out.

Who needs an intricate Ocean’s 11 style heist that requires months of planning and way too many other people involved, when you can just keep things simple like this crook over in Russia.

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The suspect casually strolled into Moscow’s state-run Tretyakov Gallery, walked up to the 1908 painting (titled ‘Ai-Petri. Crimea’) by Arkhip Kuindzhi, and calmly took it off the wall before carrying it out of the packed museum and into his car.

Bish bash bosh – job done:

Simple as that. No mucking about for months on end, scouting the venue and analysing what times the security guards switch shifts or any of that nonsense. Just straight in there and behaving as though stealing an $185,000 masterpiece off the wall is the most natural thing in the world.

Oh wait, just one thing as per RFERL:

A suspect has been detained in the theft of a 20th-century painting by a Russian artist from Moscow’s state-run Tretyakov Gallery and the artwork has been recovered, officials say.

But it’s worth noting that officials only clocked a crime had been committed after officers attended the museum to investigate a much lesser crime:

Police told the TASS news agency that the painting’s absence was noticed after officers were called to the gallery to investigate a missing fur coat and looked through surveillance footage.

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So yeah, perhaps not the greatest ending for our would-be Russian George Clooney. But still an admirable effort that he may have got away with on another day. 

Which is more than we can say for this fella – the most useless thief of all time.


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