This Russian Slapping Contest Is The Dumbest Sport In The World



There are a lot of sports out there that involve inflicting pain and violence on another human being and whilst a lot of these actually do involve training and skill, I’m fairly certain that this Russian slapping contest literally involves nothing of the sort and just whacking your opponent in the face until they submit. My kind of sport.

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These have been going on for some time now apparently in Russia and look like they’re actually pretty big events judging by the video below. It’s taken from a recent competition at the Sarychev Power Expo – an event that promotes patriotism, power sports and the strongest men in Russia. And well, it’s about as dumb and brutal as you would imagine:

Really really stupid hey? Like literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen maybe but still goddamn entertaining I’ve gotta admit.

If you’re wondering who the guy at the end who won was, then his name is Yuriy Kuzmin and he resides Nizhny Novgorod. He took home 25,000 roubles after being slapped in the face probably around 1000 times or something. Thats the equivalent of £300 which I suppose isn’t too bad for a day’s work is it? You tell me.

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