Watch This Russian Man Test Out A Bomb Proof Helmet By Getting Shot In The Head

Russian Man Bomb Proof Helmet

What better way to see if it works?

As we regularly state on the site the majority of Russian people are completely and utterly crazy – remember the guy yesterday who waded through a frozen lake to save his dog? – and this video doesn’t do anything to disprove that theory one bit.

There’s not a lot of details about it but it appears that one Russian dude has found what’s being described as a ‘bomb proof helmet’ and him and his buddy have decided to test it. Unfortunately they couldn’t find a bomb to set off in his face but they did have a revolver, so they set it up just to shoot him in the face whilst he’s wearing this helmet. Obviously.

Boom – look at his head fly back there, absolutely no way they were faking this one huh? Good thing that helmet worked or this could have got messy.


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