Russian Football Chairman Quits After NSFW Photoshoot With Ice Hockey Reporter

It was part of his masterplan to get the sack.

The chairman of the board of directors of Russian Premier League football club Ufa has quit just 24 hours after publishing pictures from a NSFW photo session with sports presenter Ulyana Trigubchak.

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Fed up with the politics involved in running a football club, Rostislav Murzagulov thought it might help if he sullied his reputation a little bit before quitting and so arranged the shoot with the former cheerleader and shared the photos on Instagram.

Speaking to Russian outlet Sport-Express on Monday, Murzagulov said he was braced for the backlash from the photoshoot in his home Republic of Bashkortostan in central Russia, which has a large Muslim population.

I understand that in conservative Bashkiria [Bashkortostan] many will condemn me for this photo session.

I’m almost certain that I’ll cease to be the head of Ufa.

However, this is a smart decision. Now those fools who offer to give up football in Bashkiria will see how popular this sport is in our republic.

If they are morons, let them understand that my photo session has such consequences…

Let them find another manager who is photographed fully dressed.

Power and politics clearly don’t suit me.

What a move. Everyone knows that when you take a position as a higher-up in any football club, you are essentially doomed to come under immense pressure and scrutiny no matter what you do. Well it looks as though Murzagulov had finally had enough of being the chairman of a football club in a particularly conservative part of a massive country where the women are unbelievably beautiful and so decided to commit career suicide. His means of doing that? Ulyana Trigubchak…

What a way for a tired and stressed executive to end his stint as the chairman of a football club. It’s actually amazing the population of Ufa didn’t immediately forgive him for succumbing to temptation. Either way, enjoy your time off, Rostislav Murzagulov. Whether it involves hanging out with Ulyana some more or not, I hope he returns to the world of football feeling refreshed and ready to go again. God bless.

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