Russian Doctor Kills Patient With One KO Punch After He Assaulted A Woman

one punch

Fatal blow.

So the story behind this video is that a Russian doctor named Ilya Zelendinov saw red when one of his patients kicked a nurse during a medical procedure.

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You don’t want to assault a woman in this guy’s clinic and this was proved when Ilya stormed into the room, kicked off and took on two men at once. While he was dealing with one of them, another, 56-year-old Yevgeny Bakhtin, tried to join in. This was a big mistake, as Ilya delivered a fatal blow, killing the guy with a savage KO punch. Check it out:

Damn. That guy was out cold. Since the video went viral, the Russian media have dubbed the guy the “boxing doctor”. Although he was just trying to defend the woman, he probably would’ve been better off just letting the police deal with him, as he was eventually jailed for nine years. I’ll bet with a background like that, no one’s going to be messing with him in jail. Never take on the one punch man.

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