Russian Beauty Booted From Putin’s National Guard Because Female Troops Were ‘Jealous’ Of Her

What a travesty.

A soldier who won a beauty contest in Russia’s National Guard has claimed ‘envy’ is the reason behind her being kicked out of the service, which is under Vladimir Putin’s direct command.

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As per the NY Post, mother-of-one Anna Khramtsova, 32, beat more than one thousand entrants to win the national contest last year.

Despite being told she was fired for posting a video which showed the inside of services premises where she worked, Anna says this can’t be the reason because only a small handful of people saw the video before she deleted it.

Anna is sure the true reason is that other female troops were jealous of the attention she got sharing bikini pics online. She told Govorit Moskva radio:

I was fired because they needed it, I crossed… someone.

After the contest I got more envy, they learned about my hobby, my sports, so they got ready to kick me out from the service. Now they have done it.

Here’s a quick video from when Anna won the beauty contest last year:

Mama mia! Anna beat out 1000 other contestants in the Russian military to win that competition which I guess is a good way to gain an army of haters. Am I convinced that’s the real reason she got kicked out of Putin’s national guard? Well, it probably didn’t help matters. The Kremlin handpicks their military very carefully, so maybe Putin thought it wasn’t good for morale having Anna around, since she’s apparently so despised by her peers and all.

All’s well that ends well though, because now the internet knows who she is! What could be better than that?

It’s a shame really – looks like she’d do really well in the honey trap unit as an undercover Russian spy.

Just like Beijing’s Christine Fang – the Chinese spy who had sex with US politicians, took all their secrets, and fucked off back China. How did they not suss her out?


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