Is Russell Brand A Member Of The Illuminati? This Documentary Claims To Expose The Definitive Truth

Russell Brand

Is Russell Brand the man of the people that he claims to be or is something more sinister going on with him?

I was kinda baked last night and my flatmate started talking to me about how he was getting really into conspiracy theories and how he had been watching loads of documentaries about how Russell Brand was a puppet of the Illuminati, designed to inspire revolution of the masses to keep their focus off the real enemy. He then demanded that I watch this documentary that laid out all the facts. Yeah, I think he needs a girlfriend too.

Anyway, although initially a bit reluctant to spend an hour watching this documentary, it actually turned out to be pretty good although obviously batshit crazy. There were references to Russell Brand being a reptile alien/human hybrid, a paedophile, a plant for the enemy, a mind control expert and countless other bizarre conspiracy theories but the guy who made it clearly put a lot of effort into researching them and editing the footage together to make it look like what he was saying was 100% true and he clearly believes what he was saying. I think the thing I found most impressive about it all was this guy had taken so long to make this documentary, because it must have taken him at least a month with the voiceover and editing and research etc.

It didn’t really convince me that Russell Brand was a member of the Illuminati or an alien or anything, but there is a lot of weird stuff going on it that needs attention to be drawn to. If you’re not going out this Friday night the roll up a zoot with your buddy and check it out, you won’t regret it and it’ll give you something to think about for sure. If you’re of a nervous disposition though, maybe don’t watch the last ten minutes because that’s when stuff gets freaky.

After you’ve watched that check out this alleged first hand account from an ex Illuminati member for more on the shadowy society.

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