Rudy Giuliani Is Almost Broke But Trump Refuses To Help With His Legal Fees

Oh dear.

Rudy Giuliani shot into the public consciousness again towards the end of last year after a number of ridiculous incidents, beginning with him getting caught on camera trying to shag a 15 year old in the Borat movie and ending with him booking Four Seasons Total Landscaping instead of the Four Seasons Hotel. for a press conference claiming that Biden’s election win was fraudulent. One hell of a roll.

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Whilst the majority of the world laughed their asses off at these unfortunate happenings, Giuliani continued to take himself completely seriously which only made the whole situation even funnier. Now though, it sounds like Rudy is paying  for his impudence during this period as reports are emerging that he’s completely broke because of it and that Trump is refusing to pay his legal fees and help him out as well, even though he’s pretty much responsible for Rudy’s current situation.

Here’s what The New York Times’ Washington correspondent Maggie Haberman reported on Sunday:

What? I don’t really understand the summary there but it sounds like Trump and his people are just completely throwing Giuliani under the bus here as he did what they asked him to, but now they’re just saying ‘oh a lawyer shouldn’t do that even if it’s what the client wants’. What the hell is all that about, although I suppose it pretty much sums Trump up and we shouldn’t be that surprised.

As for Giuliani, it seems like he’s absolutely screwed. Not only is he the subject of a billion dollar lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems for claiming that their machines don’t work properly, but he’s also being investigated by the federal government over his dealings with Ukraine amid claims he lobbied officials on behalf of the Trump administration to dig up dirt on Biden. Uh oh.

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