Sarah Payne’s Killer Seeking Compensation After Being Repeatedly Beaten Up In Prison

This includes a serious battering he received just last week.

Child killer Roy Whiting has been on the receiving end of numerous beatdowns since beginning his life sentence in 2001 for the abduction and murder of 8-year-old Sarah Payne, and it’s now been revealed he wants to sue prison bosses for failing to protect him.

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This comes after the most recent assault on Whiting at HMP Wakefield last week, where murderers Richard Prendergast and Kevin Hyden, both 40, stabbed Whiting and repeatedly punched and kicked him while yelling “you f-cking nonce”, according to Metro.

Both men were handed a further 7½ years’ jail time after admitting wounding him with intent.

A prison source told The Sun:

Whiting knows he is a marked man so tries to keep his head down.

He has a job making towels in the textile workshop but every time he leaves his cell he puts himself at risk.

He’s well aware that suing the authorities will get him more cash than any prison job ever will.

Whatever he pockets, he can use to improve his life behind bars.

Well I guess the PS5 is coming out soon and it ain’t gonna be cheap. Here’s a look at the most recent injuries suffered by Whiting:

Looks like it was a pretty solid beatdown. According to prison sources, this latest incident lasted over a minute, with Whiting, 61, saying afterwards he feared for his life and scrambled under his bed to escape.

In 2017, Whiting was battered with a flask and in 2011, he left hospital in a wheelchair after double murderer Gary Vinter stabbed him in the face with a sharpened toilet brush handle. In 2002, murderer Rickie Tregaskis slashed his cheek with a razor blade, leaving a 6in scar.

Now obviously it’s difficult to have any sympathy for Roy Whiting. He’s a piece of shit and the world would be a better place without him. Does that make these attacks justifiable? Some might say there is something hypocritical about murderers judging/punishing other murderers, but I guess raping and killing children is way more condemnable than killing adults, and nowhere is that more evident than within the prison system and attitudes of prisoners themselves.

Is there a chance that Roy Whiting cashes in on this latest beatdown? Technically I guess prison staff have failed in their duty to protect him as a prisoner under their care, but I would be shocked if he’s compensated over it.

Here are the two men who battered Whiting last week…

Apparently Whiting wasn’t breathing when medics found him and they had to insert a plastic tube to give him an airway before he was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary for emergency treatment. At this point he probably woke up in hospital wondering why they didn’t finish the job. More beatdowns incoming? I think we can be sure of that.

*Plays the world’s smallest violin*

For the time inmates absolutely battered a prisoner who took part in an acid attack on a 3-year-old boy, click HERE. Moral of the story = don’t fuck with kids.


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