Roy Hodgson’s Final Press Conference Was An Absolute Train Wreck

Roy Hodgson Press Conference

‘I don’t know what I’m doing here.’

After England thoroughly embarrassed themselves against Iceland last night, Roy Hodgson abruptly resigned as England manager and refused to answer any questions.

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Hodgson refused to do any other press conferences last night and this morning, but the FA or UEFA must have forced him to do one this afternoon as he turned up just now and had an absolute train wreck of a time. It’s hardly looking like it’s going to be promising when your opening line is ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here’ and it went downhill fast:

Talk about a rabbit in the headlights. It’s painful to see him squirm but I suppose when he’s the highest paid manager at the Euros he needs to take some responsibility for the fact that his team played like complete and utter dogshit last night against a team that they should walk over on paper. So it goes.

Things didn’t get much better when he ended the conference by saying ‘I’ve done the job, if you’re not satisfied, then I make no apologies.’ Awkward.

FA chairman Martin Glen didn’t come out of the press conference looking particularly good either, even saying ‘I’m not a football expert’ at one point. Why the fuck are you the chairman of the FA then mate?

We’ll probably talk about this for years and years because it was so shameful. I guess that’s all we’ve got to look forward to from our national team and the country itself for the next few years after the events of last week though. Great.

Check out Steve McLaren looking like a twat commentating last night during the game if you want a quick smile though.


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