Rouslan Tomumaniantz – Loves Tattooing Faces

Rouslan Tomumaniantz - Tattoo Face Couple Names

So this guy tattoos a couple of young girl’s faces and gets a bad name. People can do what they like – yes. But should they be doing this? No.

So this is the guy that tattooed some young girl’s faces recently. We wrote about it earlier in the week and to be honest, I got a bit of a flack. People are either wotevs, or they think I should pipe down and let people do what they want to do. Fair enough. People should do what they like, and I really do hope that Lesya and Ruslan have a good long relationship together. Otherwise she is going to be gutted.

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Yup, I know, it’s her decision and everything, but getting a name on your face? Anyway. Seeing as I’d slammed the artist, I thought I’d show some of his other work here too. He loves the face thing. Loves tattooing the face. Maybe I am just old and tired… but the FACE? I’m not judging…. I’m just bringing this to people’s attention. Tattoo numbers are on the rise and I certainly have no problem with that at all, so maybe I am just being a dick? Maybe this is just the way it’s going. Once upon a time in western culture we had ear piercings, now it’s not weird to us to see nose, eyebrow, neck or wherever piercings. Maybe this is just the future of tattooing. I’m not sold…..

Rouslan Tomumaniantz - Tattoo Face Biomechanical

At least she can grow a fringe I guess.

Rouslan Tomumaniantz - Tattoo Face Rose


Rouslan Tomumaniantz - Tattoo Face Lizard

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