Ross Barkley Was Filmed Dancing Topless At A Nightclub In Dubai (VIDEO)

Sort it out lad.

Ross Barkley hey? Just one of those players that threatens to be good in fits and bursts but has never really done it consistently throughout his career and it doesn’t look like he’s going to any time soon – despite a whole bunch of fantasy football publications proclaiming that this really was going to be his season – after his latest dumb off field incident.

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Barkley is currently off injured with some kind of ankle problem and decided to rehab this by flying over to Dubai and getting pissed up at a club and dancing around with his top off with some really fat guy who is clearly off his nut as well. This happened during the international break so I guess isn’t too bad, but then when you look at it, it’s still kinda embarrassing.

See what you think:

Lol yeah I would probably be embarrassed if my mate filmed me doing that and sent it around a WhatsApp group, let alone if I was a professional footballer who was desperately trying to convince everyone I wasn’t that shit at football. Sort it out mate.

Fortunately Barkley’s boss Frank Lampard doesn’t seem too bothered about it, saying the following:

There are two separate issues, one is the headlines this week, Ross knows how I felt about the first headline.

I backed him then and I still back him now but he showed a moment of a lack of professionalism as far as I’m concerned.

It’s not something that I want to be a pure dictator about and come down hard on, because I also understand all my players are humans and have lives and I don’t think it’s a terrible thing that he’s done.

I like Ross, he’s certainly one of my players. He has had an injury, he’s still kind of carrying an injury, there’s a bit of pain on shooting so he just has to work his way back in, in terms of the fitness thing, and train well.

Well, it sounds like Lamps is gonna let him off the hook there, but does anyone think he’s ever gonna make it into double figures for assists or goals in a season? Probably not and chances are he’ll be playing at Southampton or Watford or the likes in a couple of seasons if they’re still in the Prem. Close but no cigar.

For more Ross Barkley, check out Everton’s Twitter account posting the dumbest tweet ever before a match one time. Honestly idiotic.


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