McDonalds attacked by campaigners demanding to know how they make their food

You must have read our previous McDonald’s article about their advertising methods in the 1980’s, well now we have some more crazy news about the global fast food chain.

Ronald Mcdonald has been held hostage in a spoof Al-Quaeda style protest against the fast-food chain. The Food Liberation Army are Finnish campaigners for ethically-produced food, and have taken McDonald’s to task by demanding how they produce their food  (although I think it’s fairly obvious that there is nothing nutritious about a cheap and greasy big Mac!)

In the video the group explain their motives as necessary to discover what additives are used in the food, the manufacturing process that is carried out and how much unrecycled waste it produces each year.

In the leader’s own words: ‘We are a Food Liberation Army, and we hope that this extreme action will take us towards a better and safer food future. Two days ago we kidnapped Ronald McDonald from a McDonald’s restaurant.’

Well, Maccy D’s aint happy and are now speaking out against the stunt: ‘This stunt is in very poor taste and not a responsible approach to meaningful dialogue. Meanwhile, we are focused on our customers and are fully transparent about our high quality food and industry-leading standards and practices.’

Oh come on, it’s not like Ronnie McD is actually gonna die now is he? And anyway he is a terrifying character who deserves some sort of punishment for scaring children to death for years. It is a pretty funny video which has been done with no serious intent to harm – typical Americans getting their noses out of joint over a little joke.



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