You Me At Six crossed with Sean Kingston? YES, this is your new favourite band!

Romance On A Rocketship? What the hell is that? Your new favourite band, that’s what. Well, if you think that something that sounds like a cross between You Me At Six and Sean Kingston might actually be a good thing then I guess it’s your lucky day!

Check out his most famous music video Skin and Bones in which he (I’m unclear whether it’s a band or just the dude, although there is a band playing in the video. You can’t really hear anything they are doing though as the music is largely electronic) daydreams about not being a fag and draws pictures of elephants which come alive and attack his enemies, allowing him to snag the girl of his dreams.


Looking further into the history of Romance On A Rocketship, I discovered that it was the brainchild of American guitarist Kasey Smith, who previously played in TWO Christian metal bands, Here I Come Falling and Agraceful. That could explain his hairstyle. Still, quite the career.

I tried to find a video of Kasey playing in one of these bands but apparently they have both had about 20 members who all looked the same, so I’m not 100% sure if it is actually him playing guitar as the guy has an afro. Still, that would probably be in keeping with his current ideas of what a cool hairstyle actually is, so it probably is him. In any case, this video was a live show of some festival and the singer talks about God and monster trucks for a bit and there is some sweet circle pit action too so i thought I would include it. The song is ridiculous:


Following his decision to leave both bands – the first for undisclosed reasons and the second to concentrate on ROR so as to create a style of music that his grandma would enjoy (what a cutie!) – Smith uploaded the first ROR tracks onto Myspace (remember that?) and was spotted by producer J.R. Rotem, who has produced number one hits for Rihanna and Sean Kingston, who upped the autotune content and gave him one of those cool microphones. Shortly afterwards the dude signed a contract with Island records.

Kasey himself, in his official bio is quoted as saying “I try to write songs that everyone can relate to,” and with lyrics such as “With your long, long hair/And your big blue eyes/I’m thinking about making you mine tonight” who can argue that he hasn’t succeeded? He also states that “I’ve always been into fashion. Appearance is a big thing for me. It’s an art form.” And with outfits such as the one here, who can argue he hasn’t succeeded on this front as well? I mean come on, the kid has pick up artist chic DOWN.

To finish this article, I thought I’d include a video of him playing Skin and Bones acoustic, without the aid of autotune. To quote one YouTube subscriber, ‘he sound like he constipated and crying at the same time’. If the subject matter of this post wasn’t retarded enough already, then this really is the icing on the cake.


Fans of the band apparently do exist and rather amusingly describe themselves as rocketeers.


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