Rockstar Games Are Looking To Hire Full Time Video Game Testers

Red Dead Redemption

Dream job.

There’s no denying that Rockstar Games make the best video games in the world and that a hell of a lot of people in the world spend their spare time playing them – but what if you could get paid a full time wage to play them?

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I’m sure there are countless people that would bite your hand off for such an opportunity and the good news it that it’s available for you in this country right now. The bad news is that Rockstar are only hiring full time games testers in Lincoln of all places, so you would probably have to relocate there or at least somewhere nearby. Worth it?

Also, although you get to play video games all day I’m not sure if being a video games tester would actually be that much fun having read about it online. It basically involves exploring every single inch of a map and making sure that there aren’y any glitches and then submitting your findings in the form of long laborious reports.


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Probably more fun just to wait and play them to be honest but if you’re still interested you can apply here. These are the ‘qualifications/skills’ they’re looking for:

  • The ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels.
  • A keen interest in video games.
  • Excellent gaming ability.
  • An interest in and understanding of the video game industry.
  • The ability to work well under workload pressure and to strict deadlines.
  • The motivation to achieve targets.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Ability to become quickly accustomed to various in-house software systems.
  • Ability to work productively and collaboratively, respecting others’ opinions.
  • The ability to remain focused when approaching repetitive tasks.

Yeah, I don’t think that one’s for me to be honest, but if you’re applying then the best of luck to you. Just hope it doesn’t completely destroy video games for you.

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