Robots can apply for driver’s licenses. Nevada is awesome.


Nevada’s a pretty cool place. Prostitution and gambling are already allowed there which makes it instantly awesome but now another law’s been passed there. A pretty weird one too. They’ve allowed robots to apply for driver’s licenses. I know, how the fvck is a robot gonna apply for one, right? Well, they actually don’t. Scientists do.  Or whoever owns the robots does.

They’ve passed this law because they want to test robotic vehicles on open roads where humans drive as well. Apparently they’re doing this because they’re readying-up for the future  – robotic cars are what they must see as the next big thing. However, anyone who wants one of these licenses has to post a bond that’s over $1 million to insure against damage or whatever. So whoever does want one is gonna be rich as fvck.

Can you imagine that? Driving to work or to the nearest opium den, you have a glance at the car driving next to you and a robot leers back? It’d be nuts. I Robot is a shit film but perhaps it wasn’t too wrong with its vision of the future.

You can watch a short video about the robots driving below.




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