Roberto Carlos Gives His Autograph To A Pitch Invader

Roberto Carlos

Most footballers get really crazy when confronted with a pitch invader. Not Roberto Carlos – he gives him his autograph and then steals his pen.

We all remember Roberto Carlos. You know, that banana ball goal, or maybe that goal he scored for Real Madrid from the corner flag. What a sickhead. Well, now he’s done something perhaps just as memorable. In a recent game for his new club Anzi Makhachkala (which apparently is somewhere in Russia but give the dude a break, he’s pretty old now, like 38), Roberto Carlos actually stopped during the game to give his autograph to a pitch invader.

The pitch invader hurtled onto the pitch and confronted Robert Carlos (who seems to be playing in central midfield?) who said he was so surprised by the invader’s good manners that he agreed to sign his shirt with his autograph. Carlos even treated the fan to a hug as well, which prompted him to run back to the stands with his arms in the air celebrating like he had won the World Cup.

his left Robert Carlos with a problem though, as despite succeeding in getting the autograph the pitch invader had forgotten his pen! Roberto called him back and returned it and gave him another slap on the back, no doubt making the weirdo Russian dude’s life. What a guy, Roberto Carlos rules. Check out a video of it below:

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What’s more, the pitch invasion didn’t even distract Roberto Carlos and Anzi Makhachkala from the job at hand. Despite being 1-0 down at half time, they managed to score two goals and win the match to remain joint top of the Russian league. Feelgood story of the year? Perhaps.


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