Rob Zombie moves from directing remakes of the Halloween movies into detergent adverts. It’s bizarre.

Even if you don’t like rock or metal music you’ve probably heard of Rob Zombie over the past decade due to his somewhat surprising and actually kinda good career change into the world of making movies. I mean, House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects were ok but Rob Zombie’s Halloween was actually really good and really scary. You should check it out. Not late at night on your own in a big house though. I keep meaning to watch the sequel but I just never got round to it.

You might think that it’s kind of weird that Rob Zombie has directed a detergent advert, but you know I guess you have to be a pretty weird guy to write and make a movie like House of 1000 Corpses and be in metal bands like White Zombie and Rob Zombie so it isn’t that big a jump right? Rob Zombie himself was surprised he got the call: ‘It’s a very bizarre TV commercial for a product like this. Honestly, I was shocked when they called me to do it.’

Of course, Rob Zombie puts his usual spin on the advert and it looks like something that could maybe be in a Slipknot video and features graphic images of torture. Check it out, it’s cool if not slightly disturbing. But does anyone think this is actually going to help Woolite sell more detergent and justify Rob Zombies (probably) huge director’s fee?


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