Rob Green Went Full John Terry When He Lifted The Europa League Trophy Last Night

Has he ever even played for Chelsea?

Chances are that unless you have a very deep knowledge of football, you didn’t even know that Rob Green was third choice keeper at Chelsea.

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Well don’t worry about that because boy oh boy was Rob Green gonna let you know that last night when he took a leaf out of fellow Chelsea man John Terry by turning up at the winner’s podium and lifting the trophy like his life depended on it whilst wearing his full goalkeeper kit. I suppose this isn’t that bad as he is part of the squad and travels to every single game so does fulfil an important role as a number three, it’s just made really funny by the fact that he’s never actually played a game in goal for Chelsea and hasn’t played a competitive fixture for 645 days.

But just look at him go for it, in his full kit as well! I guess you never know when you’re going to need it hey:

What a cutie. I’m not even sure if Green gets a medal for winning the competition due to his lack of real involvement, but I suppose that’s why he was so determined to make the most of his moment with the trophy. I don’t think he’s ever really won anything in his career either, so that’s another reason. Fair play to the guy.

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