Rob Ford Has Been Hospitalised After Cancer Treatment Failed And It’s Not Looking Good

Get well soon Rob.

Thought we’d give a quick shout out to former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who’s been a source for much unintentional amusement for Sick Chirpse over the years and one of our personal favourite ‘Internet personalities’.

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46-year-old Ford has been battling pleomorphic liposarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, since 2014 after a tumour was found in his abdomen.

Well after the tumour was removed, a new one grew on his bladder, and now his body has failed to respond to chemotherapy.

It’s not looking too great for him at the moment but his family and friends are keeping vigil at hospital and are hoping he pulls through, along with the rest of us.

The crack-smoking mayor may have been a polarising figure, but he never failed to put a smile on our faces no matter what he was caught doing. Remember that video where he was smashed off his face speaking in a Jamaican accent to some black dudes in Burger King? Or the time he bulldozed an old lady to the floor in the middle of a live televised meeting? Both Internet classics. There’ll probably never be another politician like him.

Get well soon Rob!


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