Rise Of The Cannibals

From Instagram to doing the Dougie there are always going to be crazes that force the world to pay attention, something specific that strikes a chord with people before becoming ingrained into popular culture. The newest growing trend that is currently brewing on a global level is pretty edgy to say the least. It could revolutionise the way we eat for a lifetime. No more trips to Tesco. Remember those snot flavoured Harry Potter sweets? Or the Willy Wonka chocolate that would crackle in your mouth? Well it’s nothing like that, we’re going back to basics this time. Human flesh is back with a bang ladies and gents! Reports of cannibalism are spreading in steady succession throughout the media. At least it seems to be an acquired taste.

The case that gained the most notoriety while circulating widely across the internet would be the incident that occurred on the 26th of May in Miami which we originally covered when it happened back HERE.  Rudy Eugene was discovered tearing into homeless Ronald Poppo’s face in broad daylight beside a busy highway. When discovered Eugene was completely naked and growled back at cops when he was urged to end the attack. Eugene managed to rip out 75% of Poppo’s face before being shot by the police for refusing to stop being a mentalist. Incredibly Poppo is still alive and doctors are continuing to help repair his face to the best of their abilities. If you want to see what his face looked like after it was eaten off click HERE but be warned, this is really gross and definitely NSFW!

miami cannibal

Eugene’s former wife Jenny Ductant told the media that she did not believe that Eugene had a mental problem but that he often felt as though the world was against him. Yovonka Bryant, Eugene’s last girlfriend, has stated:

“It’s a puzzle. The hard part is knowing why. Obviously something went wrong in his mind.”

There was intense speculation that Eugene was under the influence of ‘Bath Salts‘, a drug known for causing hallucinations and violent behaviour. You can get the full lowdown on Bath Salts in this report we did on them HERE.  However toxicology reports have determined that only weed was in Eugene’s system at the time of the attack. I’m having a hard time digesting the idea that a sane guy would commit such a heinous attack after smoking a bit of bud. You’re far more likely to end up eating an entire bargain bucket by yourself and watching George Carlin videos on Youtube than gorging into a human head, let’s be serious.

Another report of some gruesome happenings back in May involved 21-year-old Alexander Kinyua, a university student in Maryland in the US. Kinyua murdered his flatmate and ate part of his brain and heart. Gotta love Uni life.   But seriously, just…why? If you get annoyed with a flatmate either send them a pissed off message on a sticky note or eat something tasty from their fridge shelf. Don’t eat their brains! …Or heart!

Next we have Canadian smut star Luka Magnotta who killed his boyfriend in their Montreal apartment on May 24th. Magnotta filmed the killing of Jun Lin and posted it online entitling the video ‘One Lunatic, one Ice-pick’ which we kind of talked about briefly in THIS POST we did one gross out website bestgore.com.  He dismembered Lin’s body and sent several body parts to the head quarters of Canada’s political parties. So yeah, it’s safe to say he wanted to get rid of Lin on the sly.

montreal cannibal

Authorities highly suspect that Magnotta ate a portion of Lin’s remains from the knife and fork seen beside the body. Magnotta fled to Berlin where he was caught reading articles about the killing and looking at naked pictures of himself in an internet cafe. You would think that he would be making a plan on how to stay on the run for as long as possible, remain somewhat inconspicuous but no. Watching himself strike the pose seemed to be the more plausible option in his mind. If that wasn’t enough already, a severed head was recently discovered in a Montreal park that is thought to be Lin’s. Pretty grizzly stuff.

The most recent embrace of cannibalism comes from Wenzhou, China. A bus driver referred to as ‘Dong’ ran into the middle of the road and into the path of his victim’s car. Dong proceeded to pull the woman out of her car, wrestling her to the ground and then began to chew her face. 28 Days Later style. He was so crazed in the midst of the attack that it was impossible to stop Dong until the police came to the scene. The woman, who has been named only as ‘Du’ is currently recovering in hospital where she will receive treatment to her nose and lips. It’s been said that Dong was drinking heavily during his lunch before the attack took place. Some people like pre-drinking and heading out to the clubs on the weekend. Other people down a few quick drinks and casually remove people’s faces.

chinese cannibal

If this really is the beginning of a Zombie Apocalypse I guess this is a hell of a way to kick things off. Maybe it’s the next stage of our evolution. Thriller life! Or… maybe we could just stop eating each other? I don’t know. Either way is cool I guess.


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