Juan Roman Riquelme – amazing footballer past his prime – falls on his ass and tries desperately to hide the fact.

Anyone who has known me for a while will know that back in 2005/2006 I loved Juan Roman Riquelme at Villarreal and when he was playing for Argentina. He was just the perfect midfielder – a free kick master who could pick a pass out of nowhere, as well as scoring a bunch of goals. I guess most English people probably only remember him for his penalty miss against Arsenal in the last minute of the Champions League semi final but I loved the guy, so much so that I even got a Villarreal shirt with ROMAN 8 on the back.

After that Champions League semi final I think he fell out with the manager at Villarreal and went back to Argentina to play for someone and retired from the national team because people were threatening to kill his mom because of a couple of bad performances. I’m not 100% sure but one things is for sure: I lost track of his career and Villarreal are still OK but nowhere near as good as when he played for them. I hadn’t even really thought about Juan Roman Riquelme for a year or so – I figured he had probably retired – until I stumbled across this hilarious video of him in training.

I still don’t know who he’s playing for or who he’s training with but this video really is special. A ball is rolling across the floor to him and he tries to control it but somehow contrives to slip over it and fall flat on his face on the floor. That’s funny enough in itself but it’s what Juan Roman Riquelme does after this that really made me chuckle. He basically tries to cover up the fact that he fell over but his idea of doing this is so ridiculous that I doubt anyone who saw him would believe he was doing what he was doing. And it’s even funnier when you’ve got the tape of him falling over right there and then just before he did it. Check it out below it’s probably funnier if you don’t know what he’s going to do, really hilarious:

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