Two teenage girls taking part in the riots talking about their participation and showing just how undereducated they are.


These two girls clearly don’t have a clue and as much as their disillusion and naivity annoys me you have to laugh at their lack of awareness!

Comments such as “It’s the government’s fault” “yeah, the Conservatives or whoever it is.” show just how little the rioters know about why they’re actually rioting and how clueless they are about the political and social structure of this country. It’s fairly well established that these riots have no political agenda whatsoever. It’s mindless violence caused by a group of anarchists who jumped at the chance to riot during a peaceful protest over the shooting of Mark Duggan.
Also, remarks like “…it’s the rich people, the rich people that have got businesses…” Yes, small, local businesses have so much money in the middle of a potential double dip recession.

The rioters don’t seem to realise that destroying small businesses will just make things worse. The destruction of struggling, independent businesses just puts them out of business destroying the local community and it doesn’t actaully prove any point whatsoever. Apart from that the rioters clearly hate their own communities. They got it ‘right’ (so to speak) in Manchester as they attacked large, chain, high street stores. But even then, they went on to attack independant stores and it is just copy cat behaviour. The rioters no longer have an agenda, it’s crazy!

At least their stupidity has humorous qualities such as these two girls and the riot fails which we have shown. You’ve got to laugh at the immense stupidity of it all. I think we can all agree that the Waterstones’ statement saying “We’ll stay open, if they steal books maybe they’ll learn something” is beyond true!


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