We feature the best ways to keep updated about the riots currently engulfing the country….

o yeah we already spoke about the riots and showed a riot fail, but a bunch of links to the best places to keep updated about the riots and what’s going on (other than the universal condemnation featured in your Facebook feed – which is probably interesting for a while but also begs the question how is doing a status update gonna change anything?) have started appearing so we figured it might be a good idea to collect them all somewhere so people can check it out and keep updated.

BBC NEWS: Obviously the BBC news is the best (?) place to keep updated about the riots but their coverage does seem kind of bland and boring as they constantly show the same images and repeat the same question to people they’re interviewing.

VICE LIVE BLOG: I found the Vice live blog to be a bit more relevant. I mean, firstly it’s Vice so it’s guaranteed to be hip and edgy, but it’s actually pretty informative and slap bang in the middle of the riots so pretty cool as well. If only Sick Chirpse had Vice’s budget huh?

GOOGLE MAPS GRAPHIC: Here’s a pretty useful graphic which is constantly updated which shows where riots are occurring in London at this point in time. It’s almost pretty much full the whole time. Go figure.

BIRMINGHAM RIOTS 2011: This is a great tumblr find which keeps you constantly updated about the status of the riots in Birmingham. I know the main riots are in London, but Birmingham holds a special place in my heart (as I’m sure it does everyone’s) so I wanted to know what was going on there. I heard the fuckers ripped off the head of the Birmingham bull in the bullring. Words can’t convey how sad this photo makes me:

Hope they haven’t targeted the Birmingham Ballroom either, like they targeted the Electric Ballroom down here in London.

I also found this video of the riots kicking off in Birmingham. It’s 12 minutes long so I didn’t watch it all but there’s a really cool part where some people are breakdancing around three minutes in.


Use these resources as you will. But most importantly, stay safe.

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