Rihanna’s New Video For ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ Is Her Filthiest, Most NSFW Performance Yet

Horrible song, great video.

Forget the grimy video for Pour It Up, or that really weird one of her farting in the bathtub recently — Rihanna just took the raunchiness to another level with the video for what is truly her shittest song to date:

That is literally one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard and that’s no exaggeration. That video though? Nailed it. We all have a fantasy about being tied up and tortured by Rihanna, don’t we? Men and women alike. That’s why people like Rihanna even though her music has been terrible recently — because she knows all anyone wants from her is to get violent and freaky in her videos and she delivers that every time.

On the strength of this one though I reckon Charlie Sheen better stop Tweeting mean stuff at her.


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