Rihanna And Lady Gaga Wore The Same Halloween Costume

Lady Gaga Rihanna

Rihanna and Lady Gaga are two Sick Chirpse favourites, so when they dressed up as our other favourite thing we just had to write about it and share the pictures.

Lady Gaga Rihanna

Okokokookok I know I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to do any more posts about celebrities and their stupid Halloween costumes after the one about Chris Brown dressing up as an Islamic terrorist but when I came across this story about two Sick Chirpse favourites – Rihanna and Lady Gaga – I just knew I had to cover it, mainly because it involves another one of Sick Chirpse‘s favourite things – marijuana.

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Basically, it’s pretty common knowledge that both Rihanna and Lady Gaga are massive stoners (check out Rihanna is a stoner if you don’t believe us) and so I guess it makes perfect sense for both of them to dress up as the drug for Halloween. Of course, it’s pretty difficult to dress up a marijuana – I guess the obvious thing to do would just be to put some kind of Marijuana leaf over you but being the creative goddesses that they are Gaga and Rhi Rhi has other ideas. They pretty much just both wore green dresses that were kind of that murky green colour that weed is, and Gaga also put marijuana leaves over her tits. Pretty awesome right? Rihanna is holding some kind of bouquet looking thing too but I don’t think it’s actually weed, although a bouquet of weed would be pretty damn cool, and would probably become the latest fashion accessory if she was holding it.

Which one do you think looks better though? I’ve probably gotta go with Gaga because at least you might be able to figure out that her costume was weed because of the imprints on her tits whereas with Rihanna you would really have no clue what she was until somebody told her. Still, it’s pretty awesome that both of them went as WEED for Halloween. I know what I’m dressing up as next year.

Here are the pictures:

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Rihanna Halloween Costume 1

Rihanna Halloween Costume 2

lady gaga halloween costume 2

Lady Gaga Halloween costume 1


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