Rihanna Instagram Pics Get Two Men Arrested



Two men in Thailand are in trouble with the police thanks to an Instagram photo uploaded by Rihanna during her visit to Phuket.

Rihanna was tweeting and Instagramming like there was no tomorrow, and among the pics she took was one where she’s holding a loris — an endangered primate native to Southeast Asia. She captioned it “Look who was talking dirty to me!” and the pic got over 230,000 likes.

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Unfortunately for the two Thai men who helped her take the snap, it’s illegal for anyone to charge tourists money to take photos with the endangered primates, and Rihanna bated them up big time by uploading the pic.

Enjoy the pic (and a few more) from Rihanna’s visit to Thailand, because two men may have sacrificed their livelihoods to bring them to you:

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