Maybe Rihanna Didn’t Diss Drake At The VMAs After All (VIDEO)


Did she, didn’t she?

The VMAs always have a bunch of talking points each year, but in 2016 the moment on everyone’s lips – or not on them as the case seemed to be – was when Drake seemingly went to kiss Rihanna at their conclusion but she moved out of the way and hugged him instead. Ouch.

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It turns out that we might be wrong about that completely. New camera angles of the infamous non-clinch have been discovered that show that Drake did actually manage to get some lip-on-lip action, so maybe he doesn’t feel like quite as big a dweeb now:

Yeah, I mean you can’t really deny that can you – it does look like Drake managed to kiss Rihanna on the mouth there. But the things is, it’s only for about half a second which still adds up to a diss in my eyes, and the look in her eyes after it kinda makes me think that she’s not exactly that happy about it either.

I guess that’s one way to make the internet go crazy though and that’s something that these two are definitely good at. Who knows if the pair are dating, and who really cares to be honest? Just stop fannying around with moments like this and go one way or the other.

Actually, I tell a lie, if they’re going to willingly embarrass each other like they did last night, they can keep running with this stupid narrative as long as they like, because it is actually pretty funny and it does make Drake look like a lovesick puppy which I enjoy. Girl power.

If the two ever need any tips, maybe they should check out the sexiest public kiss video ever.


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