Ricky Gervais Completely Rinsed Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Last Night At The Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais Matt Damon

This is one hell of a zinger.

The Golden Globes went down last night and Ricky Gervais was roped in to host them, and as you might expect from the raucous comedian he didn’t really hold anything back.

Although there were quite a few zingers he threw out during the night, the undoubted piece de resistance came when he was introducing Matt Damon to the stage and absolutely rinsed his relationship with Ben Affleck. Sure, those two pretty much go hand in hand around Hollywood (almost literally), but this may have been taking it too far.

Have a  look below:

Yeah, Matt Damon’s reaction there kinda says it all really – how do you come back from a zinger like that? He had absolutely nothing, didn’t he?

I think it’s a pretty funny joke to be fair, although I can see why Matt and Ben (and all of Ben’s ex wives/girlfriends) might be offended by it. Oh well, I guess the Golden Globes knew what they were getting into when they hired Ricky Gervais so they should have really been expecting stuff like this, as should all the celebrities. I bet there were a few words said about that at the after party though.

Check out his highlight reel from 2012 – you might say he’s toned it down slightly?


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