Ricky Gervais Has Slammed People Calling Jada Pinkett Smith’s Alopecia ‘A Disability’

Classic Gervais.

We’ve already heard earlier today that Jada Pinkett Smith thought that the infamous Will Smith/Ricky Gervais slap was an overreaction and now Ricky Gervais has decided to provide another hot take on the situation, hitting out at people claiming that her alopecia is a disability.

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Gervais was taking part in a Twitter Q & A session when he made the comments, saying the following:

You don’t hit people over a joke, however bad it is. And it wasn’t bad!

That was like the tamest joke I would ever have told.

Someone said it was joking about her disability.

Well I’m going a bit thin, so I’m disabled. That means I can park right up next to Tescos now.

And I’m fat. That’s a disease, isn’t it?

I’m fat and balding.

I should get f***ing benefits.

Wow. I guess what he’s saying there is technically correct as alopecia is officially just the medical term for baldness, but obviously this is a lot more common in males than females, so when it’s happening with females it’s clearly a more sensitive issue – which I guess is why Will Smith reacted how he did.

I’m not sure if this is a woke take from Gervais or an anti woke take, it seems more like one of those comments when someone is annoyingly correct in what they’re saying even if it isn’t really how it’s viewed in society. Fair play I guess, but does it really need to be said? It’s clearly pretty traumatic for women to go bald even if it isn’t technically a disability. Not sure they need someone pointing stuff like this out. Give it a break man.

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